Annual report

2021 Annual Report

January 1 2022

2021 was a wild ride. The site went under a significant move from Wix to Google sites, reducing our overall costs and making future expansion plans feasible. After a year and a half of being relegated to 5-10 site visits per month, one unprompted tweet on August 20th from my mentor @TamaraCVMcLeod led to around 2000 people in 2021 finding the site and possibly using the free CEU’s offered. You can see in the graph the pre vs. post-McLeod Tweet impact.

With the latest update made to the site, there are almost 100 new estimated CEU’s that athletic trainers can access. While the new additions are mostly live webinars that should still allow many in the athletic training profession to complete our continuing education requirements without incurring any cost.

There are two promises that I will keep in 2022. The first is to be consistently inconsistent with updating the site. There are two times where I will promise there will be full audits/updates to the site. The first is before the typical school year starts (late July- august) and once again during the holiday season when the traditional setting is on break (mid-December to early January).

The second promise is to continue advocating for the BOC to improve their search tools and hold educational providers accountable for publishing accurate information on their offerings to the BOC site.

Stay safe & Don’t pay for CEU’s if you don’t have to.